Role of yarn fabrics agent


We have close working relationship with buyer renowned yarn and fabric producer in China. By utilizing the latest technical expertise and market knowledge from Europe, coupled with our efforts in new products, we have been able to develop and manufacture the latest European-style fabrics and yarn sourcing from China. Our competitiveness and reputation are growing by offering high-quality and cost-competitive products.

We are a sweater fancy yarn and fabric supplier and specialized in producing high quality sweater fancy yarn like mossy yarn, mercerized wool yarn, acrylic yarn, nap yarn, loop yarn, feather yarn, bunchy yarn and woven fabrics like nylon, polyester, pongee ,suede ,taffeta ,microfiber ,oxford twill, twill spandex, sating, memory fabric ,oxford ,4 ways spandex fabric ,mĂ©lange weave fabric ,chiffon ,soft shell ,taslon and synthetic-blended fabrics with different finishing such as coating, lamination and bonding. We are capable of handling large volume business while flexible to take on smaller quantity orders, as well as sample orders on requests. On top of supplying high quality products, our team also dedicated in product development through raw material sourcing, sample development, re-featuring product designs to fit for customers' targets at various price ranges. We offer sample yarn and fabric turn-on short time. This helps our customers always being one step ahead of their competitors and leading in the market. 

Amirul Islam Apu
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